Tommy Silverstein art print

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Product Description

1-8x10" Supercolor giclee* of
Tommy Silverstein's very dramatic watercolor Titled "Beauty is only skin deep" done in
USPrison Max (ADX)
Florence, CO
signed by Tommy on the back see image
Please google his name to see
Will be sent standard US Postal service insured requiring signature
This is 1/1 there are no others save the original
*Giclee The name originally applied to fine art prints

Tommy Silverstein art print Tommy Silverstein art print

Prisoners of Love greeting cards and art

Thank you for visiting we sell original art by Tommy Silverstein. And cards, are done by myself or Tommy these are digital copies.
We have the Prison Wife Signature Series here. Sometimes Love makes us prisoners and is painful for those that love someone in prison. That is why Tommy named us Prisoners of Love.
Thank you We hope we can help with what others do not understand