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Prison wives support cards in this together card set


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Prison wives sexy romantic support cards


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Birthstone Limited series card original art Zentangle jewel


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Prison wives Signature Series hug love quote card of encouragement


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Prison Wives Series panic attack humorous card


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Prison wife Series Sexy home girl hip sassy You know you love it


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Prison Wife Series I am praying for you


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Prison Wife Black and white series Don't cry support card


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Prison wife Series Cierra tus ojos Spanish language card


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Prison wife signature series I want to memorize you face love quote card


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Prison Wife Series Sunshine and love card .99 Sale


Prisoners of Love greeting cards and art

Thank you for visiting we sell original art by Tommy Silverstein. And cards, are done by myself or Tommy these are digital copies.
We have the Prison Wife Signature Series here. Sometimes Love makes us prisoners and is painful for those that love someone in prison. That is why Tommy named us Prisoners of Love.
Thank you We hope we can help with what others do not understand