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Tom Silverstein's art is borne out of years in isolation he said when they took his art supplies away he told himself he would read every book available about art and be the best at it and finally when he was able to get supplies again he is the best in my opinion. Tom does not get *supplies like free people do but he can use any thing to create his beautiful art from ink pen to watercolor cakes, no fine brushes or pencils and paper but what is available. Sadly things have changed again (Tom's still in isolation longest held Federal prisoner) for nefarious reasons the prison has been confiscating Tom's art, so he announced recently he will no longer create just so "they" can steal it he says he will not give them the satisfaction, So what I offer here is a few precious pieces
My art came out of the pain of losing my sister to cancer. She was gone and she'd want me to use my gift. I myself lived after an aneurysm burst in my brain, so if God kept me here I should not waste my gift.
I am also a stroke survivor

favorite quote
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu

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We are all prisoners of our love for others
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Tommy and Renee
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Prisoners of Love greeting cards and art

Thank you for visiting we sell original art by Tommy Silverstein. And cards, are done by myself or Tommy these are digital copies.
We have the Prison Wife Signature Series here. Sometimes Love makes us prisoners and is painful for those that love someone in prison. That is why Tommy named us Prisoners of Love.
Thank you We hope we can help with what others do not understand